How to write an essay on identity

Who are you? What do you think of your community and peers? It’s a great way to discover, explore and share your identity perceptions by writing an identity essay. An identity essay asks questions about you, your perceptions of yourself, and the perceptions of others. An identity essay should address all aspects of your identity, from your origins to your character, principles, and values. Your identity is also shaped by your family, friends, community, and culture. These people are an important part of your identity and your essay. It is important to examine your personal life in order to understand how people and experiences have influenced your identity. A well-written essay on identity will tell the reader about your personal views and the role you played in creating that identity.
Essay Thesis

The thesis is the central theme of your essay. Your entire essay will be based upon the thesis. When writing your thesis, consider what part of your identity you would like to explore. This could be as simple as looking at your cultural background and how your peers see you. Analyze how it has contributed to your current identity and determine the relevance of your thesis idea.
Essay Outline

Next, create an outline for your essay. This outline will help you organize your essay’s structure and content.
Essay Draft

After you have completed the outline, start writing the first draft. The introduction should revolve around your thesis. It should also explain the topic of the essay. The body of your essay should contain more information and examples to support the theme. End the essay by reviewing and recapitulating what was in other sections.
Essay Revisions

Rewrite the essay as necessary to make connections between ideas and give yourself a clearer picture. To illustrate the relationships between concepts and details, you can add transition phrases such as “on the other side” or “similarly”. To express your views on identity and how people see you, you should write strong details. Consider all aspects of your life that influence your identity. This will strengthen your essay by providing supporting details that engage the reader.

After you are done, go back and revise your essay. Ask a friend to proofread your essay for grammar, spelling and clarity. A lot of essays require research and facts, but an identity essay might also require that the same person review it. Ask the editor you select to provide feedback on how you present yourself. Make any edits that you feel are necessary or appropriate to your essay and then write the final draft.

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