Online College Degrees Now Offered By Prestigious Universities

Imagine earning an actual college degree from home. That is now possible due to the web technology that has made online education acceptable even to prestigious American universities, which have been coming out with online degree programs in recent years. To mention just one example, New York University (NYU) debuted its online degree program in 2005. NYU online degrees offered include associate’s degrees in the liberal arts and applied sciences, and bachelor’s degrees in science and social sciences, including business, economics, politics, psychology, and management programs. And you can take part in the program from virtually anywhere without having to move to be close to the university.

This is a great advantage for people whose circumstances require them to continue their studies through distance education, much the same way that many professionals these days tele-commute to the office using a personal computer and a fast Internet connection. Similarly, an online degree program allows a student to take college lessons in front of a computer as readily as attending a class in a university.

People may take online degrees for various reasons. Some of them may need to spend more time at home with their family. Others must follow a demanding work schedule that requires them to find a flexible and time-efficient means of earning their college degrees. Online programs allow them to do so by offering enough flexibility in scheduling their lessons in coordination with their work and lifestyle. Full-time employees thus no longer need to postpone getting their college degrees until such time as their schedule becomes free.

Besides flexibility, online college degrees also often allow continuing students to save on their educational expenses. Besides spending somewhat less on the tuition of online degrees as compared to regular university fees, they will further save on travel costs, since they do not even have to leave their homes to attend classes.

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The statistics are in and it’s clear that the trend toward engineering degrees will continue in the next few years for those who want to bring in the big bucks. Engineering degrees, including chemical, mechanical, computer and civil engineering, all ranked near the top of the charts for earning potential in recent rankings of what college graduates could expect. That’s good news for engineering students who want to graduate and enter the work force with expectations of starting out with a comfortable standard of living.

Engineers are also increasingly entering the upper levels of àm bằng đại học chất lượng management after a few years in the trenches. Many companies are paying the tuitions of experienced engineers to enter MBA programs to produce managers and executives with valuable experience. The same goes for law school. More and more firms are interested in that unique combination of practical knowledge and legal skill that can protect their firm’s assets and goals.

What was rather surprising, however, was that pharmaceutical degrees were ranked even higher for both salary expectations and need. So if you have a pharmaceutical degree, you’re going to be in demand and paid accordingly, at least in the short term. This was something that was part of a general shift toward a greater demand in non-engineering sciences such as biology and nursing, which are seeing a rise in salaries, although they have far to go (with the obvious exception of pharmaceutical degrees) before they’ll catch up with engineering. This is good news for college students who consider success in life to be a blend of making an honest living and having a satisfying work life. If you’re altruistic enough that you don’t need a top-drawer salary, nursing, psychology and research are coming on strong and will continue to do so as the general population ages in the coming years.

The only area where there isn’t any real growth in salaries is in the Humanities or Social Sciences. Those students who graduate from college with an English or History degree need to focus on specializing somehow if they want a salary that’s comfortable in today’s economy. Otherwise, these rather general degrees will bring them salaries that are generally below the norm. That’s not to say that these degrees aren’t a good idea. How can college students turn their love of English or History into a thriving career option? Instead of getting a BA in their discipline alone, combine it with a teaching certificate. High school teachers who specialize in a particular discipline are in high demand. If they go on to get their Master’s Degree they are even more desirable.

Interestingly, more and more Medical and Law schools are also looking at college graduates with degrees in the humanities. They see these students as more well rounded, articulate and “human” than some students who are entirely wrapped up in the sciences. If you have a degree in English or History and have toyed with the idea of law or medical school, don’t assume those with scientific or criminal degrees have an edge. Today’s schools are looking for the well-rounded student who is an independent thinker and who can write

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