Using Past Test Papers and Mind Maps For Exam Revision

Revising for exams can be stressful time for both younger and older children. Also for parents anxious that their children will do well. It is important therefore to prepare early. The earlier your child starts to review for the exam the easier it will be for them to absorb the information. Cramming in information a few days before the test can just create more stress which can hinder performance during the exam CISM certification cost .

First talk to your Child’s teacher and ask him or her what kind of questions they will be asked in the exam. You can receive valuable information this way that can help your child to prepare and focus on the reading materials that matter. Also ask the teacher what areas will be emphasized in the test.As early as possible try to obtain past test papers for previous examinations. You should try and obtain past exam papers for a number of reasons.

It will enable your child to see how the questions are structured and how the answers are marked. Whether the test paper involve multiple choice or written answersIf the test papers involve written questions rather then multiple choice some answers will carry more marks then others. The more marks that are rewarded for each question usually the more points that have to be provided for that question. It is important your child dedicates the right amount of time and written material to each answer.

Obtaining past exam papers will enable you to test your child against the clock. It is vital your child manages his or her time effectively during the exam. Getting every question correct but partially completing a test paper can still result in a fail. Using past test papers enables you to carry out practice timed assessments to establish how they should manage their time during the exam and how much time they should dedicate to each question.

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