Zoom Slot Review 2021: A Unique Profitable Game

Zoom slot is a unique game from the developer maker Thunderkick. Many new games are a copy of something that has been around for a long time. You choose an original theme, come up with some new symbols, different sound and hops, there you have a ‘new’ slot.

Fortunately, there are also game developers who do their best to surprise you with something special.

Game studio Thunderkick for example. Their new slot Zoom doesn’t have a spectacular theme. The symbols have been on slot machines for almost a hundred years: cherry, lemon, grape, melon, seven, bell and star.

However, Zoom does have a special feature with extra large symbols on the reels, which give a chance to win extra large prizes. That makes this lock unique and very tense.

Best Zoom Slot Review

The slot Zoom consists of six squares (Zoom Areas) with 2×2 symbols each in it. The 64 paylines run through the boxes.

1. How Does Zoom Online Machine Work?

For the best slot machine symbols, there is a Wild symbol, which counts as a joker. 

However, this lock is all about the Zoom symbol: a purple diamond with a Z in it. This results in a free re-spin. During the re-spin, the box in which the Z stands changes into one large symbol: a Massive Symbol.

If a Z (or several Z’s) appears during the re-spin, you will get another re-spin. Thanks to the Massive Symbols you often win big prizes, because you quickly have a combination of dozens of paylines at the same time.

If you turn a Wild as a Massive Symbol, then the fence is completely off the dam.

But it can be even more exciting: if you collect four Massive Symbols in a square, these four symbols turn into one mega-sized symbol: a Super Massive Symbol.

With a Super Massive Symbol, a ‘big win’ is virtually guaranteed. You can win 1500 times your bet in one spin on Zoom.

2. The 1000 Spins in Zoom Slot

We played 1000 spins on the Zoom slot with a bet of $0.20 per spin and never got bored. Every 5 to 6 spins a Z appears in the picture and starts an exciting re-spin. This regularly yields nice winnings, with $14.08 or more than 70 times the bet as an outlier.

Twice, we collect four Zoom symbols in four adjacent boxes for the ultimate reward: a re-spin with a Super Massive Symbol. Sometimes that yields $6.40, the other time $13.42.

We had the result of a few spins in the beginning, only a profit. Especially in the beginning, it seems like he can’t lose to Zoom.

After 500 spins, the counter is more than $40 in the plus. Very impressive, with such a small stake. In addition, the balance slowly declines, but at the end there is still a neat $8.44 profit left.

The only disadvantage of this slot is that Mr. Casino does not always run as you would expect. Especially in the beginning, Zoom sometimes puts you on the wrong foot.

In conclusion, the Zoom slot is a unique lock. The game is simple, but thanks to the Zoom feature it is still very exciting. There are very regularly bigger prizes and because you get the feature on average every 5 to 6 spins once, this slot does not get bored quickly.

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